• Nina is a “pupetta”, a little philosophical mark and the noble thought which we always had in our mind but we have never seen before. Nina exists only if you see her.....then here she is! - Your little Nina and her other little things…
  • About Nina
  • Welcome to the world of Nina and other little things

    “Nina” (Red Pupetta) is a young charming Italian character. She is always wearing her red cloak when travel through our world; thinking and watching things from her own special point of view.

    Nina flies without moving her hands and mind-talks to the world without any speech. Her little eyes open up a whole new world: using affirmative and independent thoughts to explore everything surrounding us, from inside out; thoroughly, truly. She is sure a unique poet.

    Let’s fly together with your Nina from deep of your heart, to explore her little things!

    Nina and other little things is a character, born in 2009, from the creative mind of Eloise Morandi. She first designed “Nina” on her notebook in 2005 and never stops since then. She indicates the poetic design means a simple sign, lightness, the words not said but imagined. She believes Nina has been in her for a long long time and always be.

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