• The pursue of the eternal life is in my creation. My painting of lotus will not wither, isn’t this eternity?
  • About Chang Chieh
  • “My flower painting never languish, and no need for water. It lives forever, doesn’t it eternity?” – Chang Chieh

    Chang Chieh (1921-2016), a well-known Taiwanese artist who has painted for his whole life and his expert was in water coloring. His expertise was using Western’s watercolor to create Eastern’s art to present his unique style. His works include scenery, characters, still life, flowers...etc. His creation combines Eastern and Western’s materials and techniques. The painting shows both traditional and modern style, it embodies his expression of beauty and presented the meaning of sincere life by his unique style of drawing.

    His most famous lotus painting represents free and spiritual. The painting embodies vivid color and its unique style. He has been praised as “the Master of the Lotus.” Chang Chieh has held nearly a hundred of art exhibitions for his paintings throughout the world. His numerous artworks have been the collection for many of the famous celebrities, including the well-known US banker David Rockefeller, former President of the US John F. Kennedy’s sister Jean Kennedy Smith and Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco.

    In 2014, Interasia has cooperated with the Master of Lotus Chang Chieh, to bring the Master’s passionate creation, his unremitting challenge, and his optimistic bravery love for the world to combine with his art as a brand. Interasia is Chang Chieh’s exclusively authorized agent and its licensing program is now expanding it throughout the world.

    1957 Participated in the 4th Sao Paulo Art Biennial
    1959 Participated in the 5th Sao Paulo Art Biennial
    1963 Participated in the 7th Sao Paulo art Biennial / Won the Academy Honorary Award
    1967 Invited to participate in the China Contemporary Art Exhibition in New Haven, Connecticut, United States / Won the Watercolor Gold Award from the Art Society of China
    1968 Invited to interview for a year by CACA University of Pacific in the United States, held art exhibitions in New York, Washington, and San Francisco, University of Pacific
    1975 Held an exhibition of the Lotus in National Museum of History in Taipei, Taiwan
    1981 Art exhibition of the Lotus in Societe Generale, the Landmark in Hong Kong / Hong Kong shipping tycoon Tung Chao Yung has purchased more than 10 pieces of original paintings and a hundred and more pieces of reproduction paintings
    1985 Held a retrospective art exhibition for 40 years in Taipei Fine Arts Museum / Held an art exhibition in Rockefeller Center in New York City, United States
    1990 Received the most outstanding Art degree from American World University (AWU), United States
    1993 Held an art exhibition of “Chang Chieh’s Ink Marbling Creation“ in Kander’s China Royal Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
    1996 Held an art exhibition of “Chang Chieh’s Gem World” in National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
    2002 Held an auction for “Chang Chieh’s charity event exhibition” in Shanghai, China
    2007 Visited Guilin in China, had painted in front of Lijiang Waterfall Hotel for two giant paintings in size 1.5x33 meters and 3x7 meters
    2009 Held an art exhibition in 1 Hao Art Museum in Shanghai, China
    2014 Held an art exhibition in Poly Art Museum in Beijing, China