• A unique feature of the rugby world: Honest, true, free and nominal.
  • About Ruckfield
  • Charismatic international rugby player Sébastien Chabal launched his own sportswear brand Ruckfield in 2007, which inspired by his tastes and ideas. Chabal is the ambassador for his line.

    The whole story got started around a shared passion for rugby. During the 2007 Rugby World Cup, when Sébastien Chabal met the CEO of a well-known textile firm and a former rugby amateur player himself. The two men became friends; the desire to create a line took root, ideas abounded and talents meshed. Sébastien Chabal wanted “a brand inspired by rugby but easy for office wear and going out with friends”.

    Ruckfield is a brand that combines refined and casual style, it has subvert the impression of the rugby’s stereotype and embodied its confident and fashion. Break through the wall, go for the extra points – Ruckfield by Sébastien Chabal will put its stamp on fashion.